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Saab Aero Heritage

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What should characterize a Saab?
Saab should become a true enthusiast car. We do not need more family-wagon, Volvo already takes great care of that market. Saab has a golden opportunity to rethink its brand strategy and a create unique, user-centered and dynamic brand.
We don´t need more big, boring wagons. Dare to be different instead. Start creating attraction outside Scandinavia. Attack new markets! Create models that show that the Saab is an exciting and exclusive brand. Asia and the U.S. are two very important markets that need to see Saab’s potential. There is strong consumer and purchasing power in those regions. There is the desire to drive something special and exclusive. There is the desire to “stand out” outside the local Starbucks.

What characteristics should it have?
Saab should be the cars you want to drive. Saab cars are rides you want to own. You should be proud of a Saab.
Excellent driver ergonomics, maximum user benefit, and consistently high quality (both the perceived quality of materials and the actual mechanical quality) are all obvious. Now the aim is to create value that is not measurable. Saab must find an interpretation and an expression that shows that you have chosen an entirely new way.

How should it look like?
Maybe we should ask ourselves how it shouldn´t look like instead?! Not a classic family car. There shouldn´t be anything average about t. It will not melt into the crowd. It will not be a “seen in every corner car”.
Saab will be a study in exquisite design and aesthetics. It will appeal to the heart. It must be beautiful and unique, seductive and provocative. It will meet its target with a smile and a wink. It´s much talked about but rarely expressed aeroplane-legacy must be clearly defined and expressed. The form must talk about speed and aerodynamics. The proportions are classic beauty with a clear Saab-DNA. Surfaces should be clean Scandinavian and light. Saab will be a beautiful car.


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March 25, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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